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We have extensive experience and can provide flexibility in your coverage, ensuring that you find the best healthcare insurance scheme, dedicated service, and high-quality surgical care at an affordable price.

  • Dedicated patient care

    It means providing care that is free from harm, minimizes redundancy and waste, ensures timely access to needed services, follows best practices, and takes into account patients’ preferences and treatment priorities

  • Advanced surgeries

    Our highly-trained, board certified surgeons are dedicated to delivering the best outcome possible for every patient. Along with our skills, technical expertise, and advanced surgical technology, we consider patient safety, quality as our highest priorities.

  • Insurance coverage

    The company has collaborations with health insurance companies and financing companies. These collaborations facilitate and expedite cashless claim approvals and EMIs.

  • Eminent surgeons

    Ours is a noble profession, full of eminence, dignity, great ideals, and ethical values.

  • Affordable healthcare

    We make certain that patients receive high-quality surgical care at an affordable price. Surgery that is both cost-effective, improving quality of life and affordable


Minimal access Urologist, Andrologist & Sexologist

Performing these surgeries effectively since 2002 and have done more than 22,000 cases . These include prostate enlargement, kidney stones, kidney and prostate Cancers, varicocele & penile implants etc.

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  • Biomarker Testing
  • Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer
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