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A frenuloplasty is an operation that alters the frenulum. It is also called the release of the frenulum. It is carried out when the tissue on the bottom of the penis as well as the tissue on the topmost layer of the penis is afflicted.


Men suffering from the following symptoms are suitable candidates for frenuloplasty surgery:

  • Tearing of the foreskin or bleeding.
  • Pain on sexual intercourse.
  • Recurrent infections of the penis (balanitis)


The diagnosing procedure prior to frenuloplasty is not difficult. In general, clinicians inspect the frenulum and seek for any issues during a physical examination. Before recommending treatment, they will also ask you questions about your symptoms, medical history, and so on.


There are two approaches to Frenuloplasty, they include:

  • Open Frenuloplasty: The traditional procedure of Frenuloplasty is open Frenuloplasty. Stitches are then used to close the strained frenulum. The stretched frenulum aids in the relief of the patient's pain and suffering.
  • Laser Frenuloplasty: Laser Frenuloplasty is a less invasive approach of Frenuloplasty that includes no cuts, stitches, or blood loss.

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