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PCNL, or percutaneous nephrolithotomy, is a procedure used to treat stones in the upper ureter or kidneys that are too large to pass naturally and are resistant to other treatments such as shock wave lithotripsy or laser ureteroscopy. The patient feels little pain or discomfort because PCNL surgery is minimally invasive. Patients can resume their normal lives after this procedure, which relieves the painful symptoms caused by significantly enlarged kidney stones with almost no complications. Because of its minimally invasive nature and high success rate in treating stones larger than 2 centimeters, this surgery has gradually replaced traditional open surgery.

Before PCNL surgery, some common diagnostic tests include:

  • Imaging tests such as X-rays,abdominal ultrasound, and MRI 
  • Blood test
  •  Urinalysis
  •  Sonogram 
  • CT Scan 
  • KUB



  • MINI PCNL:- A Small cut is made in the back to remove kidney stone. Stone is fragmenting with laser and removed.

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