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Reconstructive urology is the surgical restoration of normal urinary or sexual function by repairing, rerouting, or recreating areas of the upper and lower urinary tracts, as well as some reproductive organs. Trauma/injury, congenital disorders (birth defects), kidney stones, and cancer radiation or surgery can all cause urinary tract dysfunction or damage. Patients may experience urine leakage (incontinence), urine blockage, or abnormal connections between organs that greatly reduce quality of life.

Reconstructive urology surgery can benefit patients suffering from conditions such as:

  • Birth defects in the urinary tract or reproductive organs such as PUJ obstruction, VUR (Reflux)
  • Bladder fistulas (abnormal openings or connections between the bladder and nearby organs, such as the vagina or rectum)
  • Peyronie's disease.
  • Traumatic injuries to the urinary tract or reproductive organs
  • Urethral stricture (scar tissue in the urethra that causes narrowing)
  • Urinary incontinence after surgery

Connect with us right away if you have these and we'll help you get in touch with the best reconstructive urologist in Delhi and NCR.

The most advanced treatments offered at southdelhiurologyclinic are  Urethroplasty, Pyeloplasty, Ureteric re-implant, VVF repair etc. Make an appointment right away for consultation on your reconstructive urological issue.

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