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Pilo-nidal Sinus

A Pilonidal sinus (PNS) is a small hole or tunnel in the skin. It may become clogged with fluid or pus, resulting in the formation of a cyst or abscess. It appears in the cleft at the top of the buttocks. A pilonidal cyst typically contains hair, dirt, and debris. It can cause extreme pain and can often become infected. A PNS is a condition that primarily affects men but is also common in adolescents and young adults.

The signs of an infection include:

  • Pain when sitting or standing
  • Swelling of the cyst
  • Reddened, sore skin around the area
  • Pus or blood draining from the abscess, causing a foul odor
  • Hair protruding from the lesion
  • Formation of more than one sinus tract, or holes in the skin Treatment

Treatment options for pilonidal sinus include:

  • Surgery to remove sinus (wound left open)
  • Surgery to remove sinus (wound closed)
  • Minor operation to drain pus from sinus
  • Less invasive procedures, like injection with fibrin glue, are also available in some places.
  • Endoscopic ablation for a pilonidal sinus

An endoscope (a thin, flexible tube with a camera on the end) is used to give a clear view of the affected area. Hair and infected tissue are removed, and the sinus cleaned with a special solution. Heat is used to seal the sinus.

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